Beneath the Yucatan Jungle, Mexico (1992)
An underwater exploration of the world’s largest underwater caves.

The rope factory, Mexico (1992)
Making rope from vegetable fiber in an old colonial factory on the Yucatan Peninsular.

Le Polixeny, Turcos & Caïcos (1992)
A study of humpback whales during their migration to the Silver Bank, a coral zone in the North Caribbean.

The hollow tree, Costa-Rica (1992)
Exploring and studying the ecosystem found inside a hollow tree in the Costa Rican forest, with Dr Donald Ray Perry, a pioneer in this field.

Exploring the canopy, Costa-Rica (1993)
Discovering and studying the Costa Rican forest canopy with scientist Dr Donald Ray Perry.

Giraffe Manor, Kenya (1993)
The rehabilitation of the Rothschild giraffe with the African Wildlife Foundation.

The Kitum Cave, Kenya (1993)
A study of the elephants at Mount Elgon who go off to find salt, a vital element of their nutrition.

Sipan, Peru (1993)
The discovery of a Mochica tomb in North Peru, with Dr Walter Alva. A visit to the workshop where his treasures have been restored.

Straw Island, Peru (1993)
Kitin Munoz visits a local family while looking for reeds. He will use them to build the boat that he intends to sail around the world. He lives on a real floating island made at Tojota on Lake Titicaca.

Hamamatsu, Japan (1993)
The oldest and most important kite festival in Japan. A traditional way of celebrating the birth of boys during the year.

The desert planes, USA (1993)
The discovery of the biggest aircraft cemetery in the world, told through the story of four collectors restoring an old Super Constellation.

Nomad Beekeepers, USA (1994)
One million bees are transported from Minnesota to California by lorry to protect them from the cold Minnesota winter.

Hutchinson's Cave, USA (1994)
Exploring and reconnoitering the sunken labyrinths of Silver Spring, Florida.

Stromatolites, Bahamas (1994)
Underwater studies of shifting sands and the composition of stromatolites.

Aguateca, Guatemala (1994)
Exploring the rift surrounding a Maya site recently discovered in the forest of Peten.

The trail of the Incas, Peru (1994)
Accompanying four Chaski0 Indians over the Peruvian Andes: a funeral rite to honour the death of one of their companions.

The sea horses of Pimentel, Peru (1994)
A day in the life of the last Peruvian fishing community who still use small boats made in Totoja. These crafts are identical to those used centuries ago by their Mochica ancestors.

The macaws of Tampopata, Peru (1994)
A study of macaws in the Peruvian jungle, and their need for clay in order to digest. Edouardo Nycanderís life in Tampopata Research Centre.

The Isle of sand, Canada (1995)
Life on a meteorology base on a small sand island known as a sanctuary for ships on the Atlantic. 400 wild horses have been living here since the 18th Century, far from all civilization.

The Round Island, Alaska (1995)
A study of walruses on a island off the coast of North Alaska.

The Venice of the Amazon, Peru (1995)
A stay in a village built on reeds. The inhabitants survive thanks to the river that they live on.

Blocks of Carrare, Italy (1995)
Discovering the largest exploitation of marble in the Italian Alps. The story of a block of marble, from the mountain to the artistsí workshop.

Treetop Traveller, Costa Rica (1995)
Different techniques for exploring the treetops of the Costa Rican jungle, and the astonishing construction of an exploration pod anchored in the jungle.

Jet Boat, New Zealand (1995)
In Golden River canyon, the story of the first hydroplane. Invented by Sir William Hamilton in the fifties, this boat can descend the Rapids.

Ostional Landing, Costa Rica (1995)
The arrival of 10,000 Lora turtles on the Costa Rican Pacific coast. An extraordinary natural phenomena that occurs three times a year.

Mission Manatee, Florida (1995)
The growth of the manatee population in Forida is in danger. Jim Reedís research programme aims to find out more about this species and if necessary, move them to a safer dwelling place at the Kennedy Space Centre.

Dugongs & Manatee, Florida Philippines Japan (1996)
The history of the protection and observation of the Mermaids of the World.

Act for the environment (1997)
A short daily programme about the environment broadcast from April 1997 till the end of December 1997, from Monday to Friday at 13.45.

Act for the environment Billboard (1997)
Conception and creation of entrance and exit billboards for Leclercís environmental campaign. (1998-1999)
Conception, creation and production of a short programme (68 X 1') for the Vivendi Group. Every week, the story of an invention that has "changed our lives"

Vivendi, Billboard (1998)
Conception, creation and production of entrance and exit billboards for the programme to launch the name Vivendi.

Duck-billed platypus, Australia (2000)
The life of several duck-billed platypus on the Barron River in Queensland. Not yet broadcast.

Night in the forest, Costa-Rica (2000)
A walk through the forest discovering nocturnal species with Dr Donald Ray Perry.

Humpback whales, Tonga/Antarctic (2001)
The migration of humpback whales between the Tonga Islands and the Antarctic: fishing techniques, education, behaviour...

The treetop ship, Brazil (2002)
The Maira adventure: a traditional wooden boat transporting travelers and researchers along the Amazon deep in the Varzea forest.

Weather reports from outer space (2005)
The solar system weather report, 70x5'.

The chimpanzees of Bossou, Guinea (2006)
In the Guinean forest a community of chimpanzees who use utensils for feeding: a hammer, straws, twigs...

On the road to Ushuaia (2006)
26x26' with rushes from the UshuaÔa programmes.

European space Agency (2007)
Two corporate films presenting the working departments in the ESA and the ENVISAT mission, 2x15'.

Citizens of the earth (2007)
Opening film for the Paris conference for a world ecological government organized by President Chirac. "Citoyens de la Terre" ("Citizens of the earth"), 15'.

The Titanic syndrome (2009)
Feature film (90') co-directed with Nicolas Hulot.