Jean-Albert was born August 15th, 1961. In 1982 he and Bernard de Baudinière set up DECOFILMS, the first French recce company for film and television locations.

In 1984 he joins a Japanese production company, GIPO, and organizes news coverage and commercials all over Europe for Japan.

From 1996 – 1992, in partnership with Gerald, Philippe and François Calderon of EOLIS Productions, he discovers the globe through the world of animal documentaries for television networks and the IMAX circuit. He becomes line producer, then assistant director.

In 1992 he directs his first film as a freelance director. He is contacted by Nicolas HULOT and he collaborates with HULOT, directing films for USHUAIA, the Ultimate Adventure, and USHUAIA Nature.

In 1997, he sets up WLP, a documentary production company, with Olivier WARGNY and Laure TRASSARD. He is at the origin of several concepts for programmes addressing environmental and discovery issues. “Act for the environment", “Nature’s Agenda”, “Weather reports from outer space”. When the Euro is adopted, he conceives and directs a short promotional film for UNICEF that is shown all over Europe. He offers his experience to major international companies and directs communication films intended for wide audiences (VIVENDI UNIVERSAL, VEOLIA, les Centres LECLERC, the European Space Agency).

In 2005, Patrick LE LAY asks him to participate in the creation of the USHUAIA television channel. He instigates the programme “On the road to Ushuiai” with Pascal ANCIAUX. In 2007 Claude Chirac asks him to direct the opening film for the Paris conference “Citizen of the Earth” for the French Presidency.
The same year he writes, coproduces and directs “The Titanic Syndrome” with Nicolas HULOT, a documentary feature film that is screened in French movie theatres and many European countries.
Jean-Albert Lièvre is the author of a photography book published in France and the USA. He has also written articles for VDS Nature and VANITY FAIR. He is a member of the Explorers Club of New York. His work has won awards in numerous international festivals.